Zoonimooz Squirrel Action Tin Game

Zoonimooz Squirrel Action Tin Game

Zoonimooz Camel Game

لعبة الهجن Zoonimooz

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• A game from the Zoonimooz collection
• Board games
• Avoid the obstacles and bring water to the desert
• Contains : 1 dice,77 cards and 4 camels
• Recommended for children aged 6 years

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You like adventures? Be the first to cross the desert looking for water to take it to the city. The first game to get at least 5 water jugs and get to the city wins the game, for this you will have to overcome all the obstacles that are in the desert.
• 36 dune cards.
• 5 oasis cards.
• 1 letter of departure.
• 1 arrival letter
• 4 character cards.
• 4 camels cards.
• 30 letters of water drums.
• 1 die
• 4 wristbands to store the water.
• From 2 to 4 players
Game mode
• The objective of the game is to be the first to carry at least 5 drums of water to the city (Timbuktu or Tombouctou) in the Sahara Desert.
• Use the die to know who starts the game. Then, place a zipper on your wrist where you will hang the water drums. Shuffle the cards and draw a path. Luck!
• Small letters: 9cm x 6.5cm.
• Large letters: 12cm x 9cm.
• Water can letters: 4cm x 6cm.
• Characters cards: 4cm x 6cm.
• Camels: 14cmx 11.5cm.
• Given: 1.5cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm

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