Cat ZIWI® Mackerel 1kg

Cat ZIWI® Mackerel 1kg

Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder Uk

Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder Uk

Xiaomi Smart Pet Drinking Fountain Uk

Seller : Purple Market Qatar
• Circulating water spring
• 4-stage filtering
• Quiet-running
• Smart home connection
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Circulating water is the natural choice for pets
Flowing water represents a clean and reliable source of water to small animals. Chronically drinking insufficient or unclean water can have serious negative effects on kidney and urinary health of pets
Drinking enough water to keep away from diseases
This Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain simulates a mountain stream, using a circular water circuit to offer oxygenated running water that meets the nature of pets and enhance their interest in drinking water.
Fourfold Deep Filtering Water that pets love to drink
With the four-stage efficient deep filtering, the fine particles, hair, and residual chlorine including Ca and Mg ions that cause kidney stones are effictively intercepted and filtered, ensuring healthy and tasty water that pets love to drink.
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