Tawaha Al - Hadram

Tawaha Al-Hadram Boutique is where you fined the fashionable, loose, comfy tunics and dresses designs that matches the modern women tastes.

 Our sizes

Due to the demand for the bigger sizes in the fashion market,  Tawaha Boutique mainly covers the sizes ‘ L, XL, XXL ‘

·         ( M & S sizes are only covered under some designs in the boutique

·         Customers of Tawaha can contact the boutique no. for any special orders or sizes: 66556670

Clothing for stylish women:

Our collection will cover casuals / daily life activities and comfy cut-ups, home, and parties’ smart designs.

Due to the demand for up-to-date fashion that matches all walks of life with an easy approachable way, Tawaha Al-Hadram Boutique decided to go on line to be closer to all its customers.

Our mission

 Is to help women reveal what clothing and styles go best with their unique personalities or life style through OUR valuable on-line customer feedback. (Please contact us on 66556670).

Our promise

We will make sure to have ‘’saving deals’’ and ‘’new designs’’ display every 3 weeks on our on-line Tawaha Boutique.

With Love

Tawaha Al-Hadram

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