The Scorch Trail

The Scorch Trail

Changing State Pupils` Book

Changing State Pupils` Book

Thief Lord, The

اللص الرب

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• Thief Lord, The
• For ages: 12-17
• Language: English
• Format: Paperback | 352 pages
• Dimensions: 133 x 201 x 25mm | 260g
• Publisher: Chicken House Ltd

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Winter has come early to Venice. Two orphaned children are on the run, hiding among the crumbling canals and misty alleyways of the city. Befriended by a gang of street children and their mysterious leader, the Thief Lord, they shelter in an old, disused cinema. On their trail is a bungling detective, obsessed with disguises and the health of his pet tortoises. But a greater threat to the boys' new-found freedom is something from a forgotten past - a beautiful magical treasure with the power to spin time itself.

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