A Recipe for Home / أطباق الوطن

A Recipe for Home / أطباق الوطن

The Mysterious Blossom

The Mysterious Blossom

The Sultan of the Sea

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• The high seas in an adventurous
• The invention of the sail in Qatar
• Sailing competition between May

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Sail the high seas in an adventurous sailing competition between May, the daughter of the naval fleet commander, Shaheen, and Ghailan, a clever sailor with the newly discovered sail at his disposal. This legendary tale is based on traditional stories passed down from generation to generation about the invention of the sail in Qatar. Will May’s passion or Ghailan’s wit prevail? Who will rightfully claim the title of the Sultan of the Sea?

لا أحدَ يعرفُ كيفَ جاءَتْ فكرةُ اختراعِ الشّراعِ في دولِ الخليجِ العربيّ، ولكنَّ هناكَ أسطورةً قديمةً يتداولُها الأجدادُ في قطرَ عن الشراع الذي ابتكرَهُ النُّوخذةُ غِيلان نتيجةَ منافسةٍ قويةٍ بينَه وبينَ ميّ ابنةِ النُّوخذةِ شاهينٍ

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