Tiger  High Foam Ditergent 1kg

Tiger High Foam Ditergent 1kg

Stem juice Glass Glass 230ml LXZS3203/6 Pcs set

Stem juice Glass Glass 230ml LXZS3203/6 Pcs set

Stem juice Glass 250ml LXZS3201/6 Pcs set-04-415

Seller : Al Makaan Qatar
QAR 28.00

• Heat and scratch resistant product
• Dishwasher and refrigerator safe
• Crystal Clear Champagne Glass set of 6Pcs
• Capacity: 250 ml

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• These functional, durable, and elegant stemmed wine glasses are perfect for wine tasting parties, family get-togethers, soirees, or just about any occasion wherein you can impress your guests.
• The Star Glass wine cups have a crystal-grade clarity so they can be perfectly clear and absolutely elegant. They will make the perfect addition to your luxurious dinner table and they are essential for every wine tasting event.
• Enjoy better ­tasting wine with our everyday short stem wine glasses. Our stemmed wine glass is made with just the right stem length so that the glass does not topple over easily. Swish and swirl your wine without dripping. The functional bowl that has enough room for the wine to breathe. The lip is thin for a more delightful wine ­drinking experience!
• With these amazing Wine glasses, you can enhance your drinking and wine tasting experience. They have a laser-cut and ultra-thin rim that will improve wine tasting. Their unique design will also let your wine breathe and intensify the flavor so that each sip is a life-changing experience.
• He 16-ounce wine glasses come in a set of 6 and they are essential for your dinner table and kitchen. This unique glassware set will make the perfect gift for every wine enthusiast in your life and for every occasion.

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