Solar Emergency Charging Lamp For Camping (JP8801)

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1. 45 5730 LED SMD LED beads
2. Switch position: energy saving/medium light/high light/strobe/SOS
3. With battery display
4. Portable hook design
5. Application scenarios: power outage emergency, night vision stalls, night reading with lights, picnic camping, etc.

6. Solar panel: 110W
7. Size: 14x11.5cm
8 . Solar enargy charging,Battery indication light,Smart charging.
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1 . Comfortable and light touch switch ergonomi-cally designed , feel comfortable
2 . Stainless steel hook designed anti-acid corrosion along with the use.
3 . When charging the red light is always bright and the green light is always bright .
4 . PP High transparent lamp cover light transmit a lot, soft light for eye protection.
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