Backpack Gold 4 Class Audio CD New Edition

Backpack Gold 4 Class Audio CD New Edition

Blackbeard's Treasure Reader

Blackbeard's Treasure Reader

New Let's Learn English Activity Book 2

كتاب نشاط جديد لنتعلم اللغة الإنجليزية 2

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• New let's learn english activity Book 2
• Format Paperback: 80 pages
• Language: English
• Dimensions: 216 x 271 x 5mm | 190g
• Publisher: Pearson UK

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Thorough development of skills with particular emphasis on reading and writing Systematic grammar work ensures fast progress
Regular recycling revision consolidates the language work done The easy-to-follow Teacher's Book provides clear lesson notes, assessment tests and plenty of additional resources Accompanying interactive CD-ROMs provide extra self-study practice.

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