Natural Spring Water - Bakhmaro

Natural Spring Water - Bakhmaro

Hot Dogs Chicken Canned, 210G

Hot Dogs Chicken Canned, 210G

Natural Sparkling Water - Nabeghlavi

Seller : Bakhmaro Nabeglavi Qatar

• Nabeghlavi 0.2L Glass
• Natural Sparkling Water
• Carbonated
• 1 Pack (24 Bottles)

86.40 QAR
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Nabeghlavi water is formed at depth of 2000–3000 meters. The infiltrated waters travel through various layers of substrate and rocks, absorb specific combination of minerals and trace elements that define its unique taste and beneficial properties. Nabeghlavi water is naturally sparkling as it is infused with natural carbon dioxide (CO2) at the aquifer; though it is fortified with additional amount of natural CO2 prior to bottling.

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