Q Pac Tea Spoon Plastic White 50pcs

Q Pac Tea Spoon Plastic White 50pcs

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 EN

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 EN

Mi Electrical Screwdriver 3.6V(DZN4019TW)

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• Powerful Magnetic Motor & Ultra-high Torque
• Cordless and Portable
• S2 High-quality 12 pcs Steel Bits with added extension rod
• Patented, One-piece body design
• Innovative dial & convenient to Use

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• Mi Electric Screwdriver is an electric screwdriver capable of rotating at 200 rpm.
The product is made with an elegant and minimal design and made of ecological and safe material.
Powerful magnetic motor and ultra high torque.The Xiaomi electric screwdriver uses a powerful magnetic motor with a torque of up to 5Nm.The power of the motor and the all-metal gearbox make the installation of lamps, home furnishings, electronics and other objects simple and immediate.

• Cordless is portable.
The rechargeable Xiaomi electric screwdriver comes with a 2000mAh battery for extra long life.
Handles up to 180 screws on a single full charge. The device is rechargeable with a simple USB-C charging port.
The battery case design is insulated, fireproof and removable.

• 12 S2 high quality steel bits with added extension shaft
The 12 high quality S2 steel tips are tough, durable and extremely precise.
Use the additional 60mm extension rod can be useful in narrow or hard to reach places, it is perfect for most home needs.

• Patented design
Aesthetically pleasing and useful thanks to the one-piece screwless design. Fine workmanship and 2-layer lacquer finish with anti-dirt and anti-rust treatment, for a comfortable grip.Dial innovative and comfortable to use, One-hand rotation direction switch. The innovative three-shift dial makes it easier to use the screwdriver with one hand and allows you to work with greater precision. Three LEDs form an automatic circular light strip.
Just press the start button to turn on the LEDs for convenient use in poorly lit environments.

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