Merchants Benefits

Building your business online is essential for engaging a wider audience and increasing sales. Online selling may seem complicated but as a matter of fact, is simpler and a lot less time consuming.

PurpleBox is a well-designed, quality platform that helps merchants take their business to the next level. By selling on PurpleBox, merchants have a number of advantages which are:

No Expenditure on Setting up an Online Store:
Opening a brick and mortar store comprises of renting, decorating and other miscellaneous expenses. By selling on PurpleBox, such expenses become void. In the absence of a registration or listing fee, one can actually start business at a zero set-up cost.

Wider Customer Reach:
PurpleBox website and mobile app can be accessed from any place at any time which means access to a broader customer base.

Open for Business 24*7:
Purplebox doesn’t shut shop like its traditional counterparts which implies that customers can conveniently browse for hours with 24*7 access to a wide product range.

Expert Assistance at Every Stage:
From suggesting the best ways to promote a product range, to recommendations on pricing and assortment, PurpleBox guides and helps merchants at every step.

Work from Anywhere:
By using the PurpleBox merchant panel, merchants can keep a tab on their online business from anywhere in the world. PurpleBox enables merchants to keep track of transactions and sales reports in the simplest manner.

Warehousing, Packaging and Delivery:
Storing inventory in warehouses, effectively packaging the items to protect them from damage, and delivering them to customers are processes that every store owner has to deal with. With a store on PurpleBox, merchants can stop worrying because PurpleBox provides the fastest and most reliable delivery service in Qatar.

Visual Merchandising:
Presenting products is a major task which greatly influences customer buying decisions. However, once on board with PurpleBox, all merchants need are products shots to upload to the e-commerce portal. In case assistance is required to photograph products, PurpleBox will help by connecting you with professional photographers.

Product Diversification:
Since selling and logistical expenditures are reduced by using PurpleBox, business owners can now dedicate more time and resources for improving and developing new products and capabilities.

Free Training and Support:
Free training is provided to all sellers at any stage of the selling process. All the information sellers need to navigate the market and run the store is available, absolutely free of cost.

No Marketing Costs:
Ensuring customer awareness is a challenge that concerns every business owner. PurpleBox promotes products through successful online and offline marketing campaigns for continued awareness.


Wide range of high quality products


Find the best money saving offer and discounts.


All major credit & debit cards accepted


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