Masafi Natural Water 1.5L X 12 Pcs

Masafi Natural Water 1.5L X 12 Pcs

Masafi Water 500ml x 24 Pcs

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• Natural water from the underground wells of the masafi mountains
• Low in sodium
• Rich in essential natural minerals

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We believe there’s nothing purer in life than nature. That's why we went to the depths of the earth to look for our water. Masafi Pure natural drinking water has been sustainably sourced from the underground wells of the Masafi mountains in UAE. But there’s more than its crisp, refreshing taste. Low in sodium and infused with the earth’s purest natural minerals, every sip is perfected by nature to keep you hydrated and healthy. No chemicals. No extra additives. This is water the way nature always intended it to be. Available in a bottle that’s handy to take to work or even an exciting adventure.

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