Luxurious 2 In 1 Body Wash & Moisturizing Cream-vanila Madagascar

Luxurious 2 In 1 Body Wash & Moisturizing Cream-vanila Madagascar

Luxurious Moisturizing Body Cream-ginger & Ylangylang

• 2 In 1 Shower Gel & Body Cream
• Suitable for daily use
• Offering high hydration and protection
• Capacity: 300ml

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Luxurious Moisturizing Body Cream is a valuable moisturizing body cream that is a pleasure for the body.Thanks to its advanced composition that combines herbal extracts rich in alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and natural moisturizing oils,it strengthens the skin
creating a multi-level net around the tissues.This net stimulates the skin tissues and "liberates" the cola between the dead skin cells,causing them to fall,leaving the skin smooth and soft while enriching the natural mechanisms of self-defense and cell
regeneration.Indications:-Daily hydration & protection of the body.Use:-Use enough daily and as often as needed.Packaging: 300ml

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