Joyceplus Grease Remover 500ml

Joyceplus Grease Remover 500ml

Ultimate Dish Wash Lemon 5ltr

Ultimate Dish Wash Lemon 5ltr

Liquid Plumr Pro-strength Clog Remover

Seller : Green Mercado Qatar

• Urgent Clear gel cuts through water to elimate clogs
• Commercial formula clears full clogs while protecting drains
• Removes Hair, Soap Scum, and Grease clogs

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With 3-in-1 action, Liquid-Plumr Urgent Clear destroys hair, soap scum and grease fast—guaranteed or your money back.

• DRAIN CLOG REMOVER: Liquid-Plumr Urgent Clear uses 3-in-1 action to destroy hair, soap scum and grease fast; Package may vary

• OUR FASTEST CLOG REMOVER: Cuts through standing water and destroys total blockages in 7 minutes to effectively clear slow-running drains

• WORKS ON MULTIPLE CLOG TYPES: Use this powerful, thick gel clog remover to cut through standing water and clear total blockages destroying hair, gunk and soap scum

• SAFE ON ALL PIPES: Liquid-Plumr drain cleaner is safe for all septic systems and pipes, including PVC, plastic, metal and old drain pipes

• FOR USE IN KITCHEN & BATHROOMS: This drain clog remover works on bathtubs, showers, kitchen sinks, and bathroom sinks; Do not use in toilets

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