Lacalut Tooth Brush Sensitive

Lacalut Tooth Brush Sensitive

Lacalut Tooth Brush Active

فرشاة أسنان لاكالوت للاسنان حساسة

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• The brush fine pointed bristles
• 8 times finer than normal soft toothbrush
• Combine strength and stability with flexibility

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MICROFINE BRISTLES: The brush fine pointed bristles are 8 times finer than normal soft toothbrush bristles. The micro-fine bristles combine strength and stability with flexibility. The conical shape gives the bristles enough stability in the bottom and maximum flexibility in the upper part. The round, ergonomic handle of the Lacalut Active toothbrush sits well in the fingers and can be rotated freely. The result: due to the increased surface activity, these bristles of the Lacalut Active toothbrush effectively clean even the smallest niches. The bristle ends are flexible, release even with low pressure and bend sideways. This protects teeth and gums from excessive brush pressure and effectively cleans the surfaces. Injuries to the gums can be prevented. Lacalut – brand with tradition: with more than 90 years of experience, Lacalut is one of the oldest German dental care brands and ensures a healthy and carefree smile with innovation, competence and passion. Numerous studies show the effectiveness of gum problems such as bleeding gums or periodontitis, but also the effect in regard to tooth prophylaxis. Dental hygiene made in Germany: powered by customer wishes, Lacalut develops its products in the research department of Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH and produced in Germany. From here, the Lacalut range is exported to all over the world.
فرشاة أسنان حساسة Lacalut لتنظيف لطيف وشامل للأسنان الحساسة والأسنان المعرضة للرقبة. مدورة لمنع تهيج اللثة متوسطة الكثافة تنظيف شامل من Interdentalräume. معرضين لألياف على شكل خاص ينظف رقبة زانس بلطف.

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