Lacalut Aktiv Mouth Wash 300Ml

Lacalut Aktiv Mouth Wash 300Ml

Lacalut Mouth Wash White

Lacalut Mouth Wash White

Lacalut Aktive Toothpaste 75Ml

لاكالوت – معجون أسنان أكتيف 75 مل

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• Hardens tooth enamel and prevents decay.
• Fights bacteria.
• Breaks up plaque.
• Gives freshness for a long time.

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Toothpaste LACALUT active recommended rates (30-60) days – during periods of acute inflammation.Popular course: in the morning white – white for the evening aktiv – for treatment. About the Product: LACALUT ® aktiv is a medical toothpaste, which stops the bleeding of the gums and prevents periodontitis. This fluoride toothpaste has been especially formulated to gently cleanse and provide a high level of plaque-fighting gum care to keep your mouth healthy. Has been shown to noticably tighten and strengthen the gums, and to protect against bleeding and the development of both cavities and periodontal diseases, leaving you with a healthier mouth and a brighter smile. Lacalut dental care and oral care products have been developed by the Dr. Theiss Naturwaren Group to provide active protection for the teeth and gums. The toothpastes and mouthwash have been especially formulated to fight bacterial plaque that causes gum disease, and to keep the teeth and mouth protected, strong and in their normal healthy condition.

غسول الفم الأبيض Lacalut بعد تنظيف الأسنان بالفرشاة ، يقلل محلول غسول الفم الأبيض Lacalut من تكوين البلاك وبالتالي تكوين فروة الرأس ، وبالتالي يدعم البياض الطبيعي للأسنان النظيفة. يتم تقليل تغير اللون وإعادة تمعدن الأسنان المنصهرة.

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