Kandaka Dilka Scented, 300g

Kandaka Dilka Scented, 300g

Gommage AU Collagene

Gommage AU Collagene

Kandaka Dilka Scented, 100g

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• Kandaka Dilka Scented
• Made of 100% natural materials
• It cleans the skin and makes it soft, shiny and vibrant
• Weight: 100g

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• Sudanese Body Scrub Scented:
Al-Deleka Sudanese is a cosmetic recipe used by women. It is a paste used to lighten the skin and moisturize. It removes skin pigmentation and makes your skin color uniform. It also activates blood circulation and gives the body a fragrant smell lasting for several days. As a result of the body massage, it works to tighten the muscles of the body and get rid of sagging, which makes the skin more soft and shiny.
• The ingredients:
Flour corn - lemon juice, sandalwood, grounded milk, carnation, sandal, curling, masking, French gelorine fragrance, perfume.
• How to use:
Wash your body with soap and water. Place a ball of alfalfa in a bowl, add water and mix until thick. Then put a sufficient amount of the mixture on the body and massage well to stick to the skin. Add olive oil, coconut, or any other oil you wish to the palm of your hand, and wipe the area with the alkali, and continue to massage carefully until you get rid of the remnants of the alkyla with dead skin cells. After that, wash the body with water only several times with along with the mulch to get rid of the lingering gumball residue. After that, you can hydrate your body with your favorite cream to increase your freshness and luster.

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