Journeys on a Football Carpet PB

Journeys on a Football Carpet PB

A Beautiful Balance Ar

A Beautiful Balance Ar

Journeys on a Football Carpet HB

الرحلات على سجادة كرة القدم HB

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When Qatar won its bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup™, it was the ultimate sporting miracle for a young and ambitious nation. But the critics were quick to judge, saying that Qatar, with no football history of its own, didn’t deserve the chance to host the biggest football tournament in the world. In Journeys on a Football Carpet, Qatar-born journalist and author Matthias Krug sets out to debunk that myth by sharing the fascinating inside story of the country’s football evolution over the past six decades. From its earliest football days towards becoming the epicenter of the football world in 2022, Qatar has realized the Maroon sporting philosophy: No dream, no matter how big, is impossible.

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