Miller CST 280 Portable Welding Machine

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• Portable welding machine
• Inverter-based, DC power source
• 280 amps of output
• Durable yet lightweight Stick/TIG welding power source designed for construction industry
• Ideal for stick electrodes up to 3/16 in and TIG welding pipe and plate

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Designed for Stick/TIG welding pipe and plate in the construction industry, this small, durable, goes-anywhere welder delivers 280 amps of superior Stick performance, up to 3/16” in diameter. LiftArc™ delivers smooth TIG starts without high frequency.
• Superior Stick Arc Performance
Amperage control provided through 14-pin receptacle on front of the machine. Compatible with Wireless Remote Controls. Improve productivity, eliminate clutter and cord tangles in the work area. Eliminate cord failure and associated downtime/repair costs and extend the operator's welding range without adding cord extensions.
• Lift-Arc™
Lift-Arc™ start provides TIG arc starting without the use of high frequency.
• Simple Voltage Changeover
Simple voltage changeover switch saves time when changing primary voltage. Input voltage range can be changed without removal from inverter rack or removal of machine case.
• Simple To Operate
Simple to operate with a process selector knob which automatically sets the proper dig setting on E6010 and E7018 electrodes providing superior stick performance.
• Optional Digital Meter
Optional digital meter for more precise control when presetting or monitoring welding amperage.
• 4 and 8 Pack Racks
Stand-alone or rack-mounted, commonly used in construction and shipyards, are available for multiple operator applications. All controls including the power switch are located on front of the machine for easy access.
• Twist Lock Receptacles
Tweco- or Dinse-style connectors available. The Dinse-style includes one set of male connectors: the Tweco-style does not.
• Brand: Miller
• Stick (Smaw)
• TIG (GTAW) Lift: ARC
• Weldable Metals: Steel Stainless Steel
• Input Phase: 1- and 3-Phase
• Amperage Range: 5 ADC - 280 ADC
• Max Open Circuit Voltage: 77 VDC
• Net Weight: 41 lbs (18.6 Kg)

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