Zircon Dish Wash, Lemon,1 L

Zircon Dish Wash, Lemon,1 L

Zircon Dish Wash, Lemon, 5 Litres

Zircon Dish Wash, Lemon, 5 Litres

Zircon Dish Wash, Strawberry, 1 L

غسول أطباق الزركون ، الفراولة ، 1 لتر

Seller : Global Detergent Factory Qatar

• Dish Wash Strawberry - 1 Litre
• Premium Quality Dish Washing Liquid
• 1 Carton has 12 Pieces
• Highly Effective on Oily & Greasy Food Soils
• Refreshing Strawberry Perfume
• Made in QATAR

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With the Power of Strawberry, 1 spoon of Zircon Gel is all you need to clean a sink full of dishes. Unlike bars, Zircon Gel does not leave any resiude on the
dishes and gives you a pleasent cleaning experience with its refreshing Strawberry, fragrance. The special formulation ensures that the toughest of grease is
removed with ease without damaging your expensive cookware and being harsh on your hands.

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