Zircon Glass Cleaner, 650 ML

Zircon Glass Cleaner, 650 ML

Bubbly Chlorine - Bleach - 1 US Gallon

فقاعات الكلور - مبيض - 1 جالون أمريكي

Seller : Fitco Detergent Factory Qatar

• A Bleaching liquid
• Above price is for 1 carton
• 1 carton - 4 pieces - 1 US Gallon
• Price per Piece is 9.5 QAR. Buy 1 carton and save 2 QAR.

As low as 9.50QAR
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A bleaching liquid, a sterilizer for clothes, a cleaner for bathrooms and kitchens, highly effective, removes and eliminates the hardest dirt and bad odors and kills the most difficult germs. Available in several sizes 500 ml, 1 liter and 1 US gallon.

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