Chuckit Sport Launcher-14S

Chuckit Sport Launcher-14S

Chuckit Sport Launcher-26L

Chuckit Sport Launcher-26L

Chuckit Sport Launcher-18M

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• Throw farther, faster, & never bend down to pick up a slobbery ball again.
• Made from lightweight flexible plastic that firmly grasps a ball, then releases it as you swing.
• Ergonomic handle for the ultimate comfort & control.
• Exercise your dog in a fraction of the time Throws ball 2X further.

70.00 QAR
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A terrific way to exercise your dog without wearing yourself out is with the Chuckit Sport Launcher Throw balls 2 to 3 times farther with this Ball Launcher. Hands-free pickup - no more slobbery balls. Ergonomic rubber handle for the ultimate comfort and control. Made from durable lightweight flexible plastic. Comes in a variety of throwing ranges and ball sizes. Use with standard tennis balls or Chuckit Compatible balls only. Each Launcher comes with a standard Chuckit Tennis Ball. Ships in assorted colors.

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