Heater ZH-PN2000W

Heater ZH-PN2000W

Mi Air Purifier Pro H Filter

Mi Air Purifier Pro H Filter

Mi Air Purifier Formaldehyde Filter S1


• An improved version of a replaceable cartridge for an air purifier
• Intended for home, office use.
• Effectively cope with the removal of large dust particles, purifying the polluted air from volatile harmful particles, and also eliminates unpleasant odors.
• Eliminates formaldehyde, benzene and many other unsafe compounds that are excessively contained in new furniture.
• Easy to install, convenient and fast

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• Coming clean: How well a filter performs depends on its purification ability and aerodynamic design. Supplied by the top 3 US air purifier manufacturers, the filter combines an aerodynamic 360° cylindrical design with a powerful triple-filter consisting of primary, HEPA and activated carbon layers. Easy to use and replace, its balance of power and quality is what makes Mi Air Purifier so effective.

• Pet Primary Filter: 360° filtration of large particles Made with PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the outer -layer is 3 to 5 times tougher than comparable models. It has high flexural strength and is resistant to folding, grease, fats, acids, alkalis and most solvents. The cylindrical shape provides 360° filtration of dust, hair and other larger floating particles.

• Ultra-dense H11-grade HEPA filter: Filters up to 99.3% of PM0.3 HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance) is frequently used in hospitals and labs to filter out micron-sized particles. Mi Air Purifier uses an ultra-dense Toray PP and PET HEPA filter to trap PM2.5, PM0.3, pollen and other inhalable particles, allowing only clean air to pass through. It measures 7.7m when fully extended and effectively filters out 99% of PM0.3 particles and 99.99% of PM2.5 particles.

• Finely folded 161 times: The ultra-dense HEPA filter measures 7.7m when fully extended. Although ideal for air purification, this creates high air resistance. To get around this, considerable thought has been put into creating the folding process.

• Quality Coconut Activated Carbon: Filter sourced from Southeast Asia Activated carbon absorbs harmful gases that HEPA is unable to filter. Mi Air Purifier's coconut activated carbon is among the most effective of its kind. It is combined with an anti-formaldehyde formula that effectively absorbs harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia, as well as odors and smoke. It offers a total specific surface area of 57, 000m², or 8 soccer fields.

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