Bella Elite Midnight Blue Contact Lens

Bella Elite Midnight Blue Contact Lens

Bella Elite Sandy Grey Contact Lens

Bella Elite Sandy Grey Contact Lens

Bella Elite Grey Beige Contact Lens

بيلا إيليت جراي بيج عدسات لاصقة

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• Bella Contact Lens
• Elite Grey Beige Color
• Elite collection offers a natural and enlarging look at the same time
• Soft materials provide excellent comfort
• UV protection to provide protection from the harmful UV light
• Monthly disposable lens

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Bella colored lenses with it's unique group of charming color are designed to give your eyes a glamorous and stunning look. Grey eyes are all the rage these days, and with Grey Beige you can join in with the millions of people who enjoy this beautiful look. This selection from Bella Elite lineup blends a playful gray with soft brown tones around the pupil for a color that looks natural and sophisticated. Enjoy the natural look of Bella contact lenses with it's attractive color and full protection of UV ray.
• Material: Polymacon
• Base Curve: 8.6
• Diameter: 14.5mm
• Water content: 38%
• UV block: 40% UV light

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