Beurer FT 09 Digital Thermometer

Beurer FT 09 Digital Thermometer

Mimi Bears Children's Multi-Vitamin

Mimi Bears Children's Multi-Vitamin

Beurer LB44 Air Humidifier, White

مرطب الهواء من بيورير LB44 ، ابيض

Seller : WellCare Trading Wll Qatar

• Micro-fine ultrasonic atomisation
• Quiet: can also be used in the bedroom
• Low-energy: only 20 watts, Suitable for rooms up to 25 m
• Continuously adjustable
• Humidification output up to 220 ml/h
• For room fragrancing – suitable for aroma oils (incl. aroma pads)
• Water filter optionally available for hard water
• Removable 2.8l water tank
• Visible water level in tank
• Automatic switch-off if bottle is empty
• Includes cleaning brush

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The Beurer Air Humidifier LB44 is also perfect for a baby's or toddler's room to keep the humidity levels at optimum levels. It is extremely quiet so can be used throughout the night. How does the LB44 work? A membrane in the humidifier is vibrated by ultrasound, moves the water and releases tiny water droplets from the surface. The fan then draws in air at the bottom of the device. The air is humidified with the released water droplets and then blown gently upwards towards the opening at the top of the humidifier and a stream of water vapour leaden air is released into the room.
• Simply place a few drops of your favourite fragrance in the tray and the room will transform into a healthy, clean and fragrant space.
• The LB44 is very quiet so it's perfect for use in the bedroom, features very low-energy consumption so it's cost efficient to operate and suits rooms up to 25 square metres.
• The amount of humidification is seamlessly adjustable to suit your preferred conditions.
• Also includes a removable 2.8-litre water tank, a visible water level in tank, automatic switch-off when tank is empty and includes a cleaning brush for easy maintenance.

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