Beurer MS 50 Mechanical Personal Scales, White

Beurer MS 50 Mechanical Personal Scales, White

Beurer IH 55 Nebuliser

Beurer IH 55 Nebuliser

Beurer IH 21 Inhaler, White-Blue

مستنشق بيورير IH 21 ، أبيض-أزرق

Seller : WellCare Trading Wll Qatar

• Beurer IH 21 Inhaler
• For the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract
• Nebulisation of liquid drugs
• High proportion of respirable particles
• With accessories and matching storage compartment
• High nebulization capacity (>0,21 ml/min) - short inhalation time

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Converting medicine from a liquid state to mist and making it easier to be inhaled into the lungs, a nebulizer is a must-have for those who suffer from respiratory problems. From cold and asthma to other illnesses involving upper and lower respiratory tract problems, a nebulizer can be used to get instant, temporary relief. The Beurer medical IH20 nebulizer is built with compressed air technology (pressure 0.85 bar) for reliable performance. It offers high nebulization capacity (greater than 0.18ml/min), which means shorter inhalation time and faster relief. This medical nebulizer comes with accessories including a mouthpiece, an adult mask as well as a children’s mask, an extra long compressed air tube and a filter. It also features storage compartment for these accessories for convenience. For those who are concerned about keeping this medical device free of infection, this nebulizer can be disinfected for peace of mind. Compact, reliable and hygienic, the Beurer medical IH20 nebulizer is just what you need to keep yourself and your family well equipped against any respiratory tract problems. Breathe easily and enjoy instant relief!
• Nebulisation of liquid medicine using compressed air technology
• For use in colds, asthma, respiratory disease ...
• High proportion of respirable particles
• High nebulization capacity (ca. 0,3 ml/min) - short inhalation time
• With practical storage compartment for the accessories
• Can be disinfected
• 0.8 - 1.45 bar operating pressure
• Accessories: Mouthpiece, nosepiece, adult mask, children's mask, compressed air tube -extra long, filter
• Replacement accessories (item no. 601.28): Mouthpiece, nose cap, adult mask, children's mask, atomiser with extra-long compressed air hose and 10 filters

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