Glucose Gel 15g, Orange Naturally Flavored

جل الجلوكوز 15 جم ، بنكهة البرتقال الطبيعي

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•  Fast Acting Glucose
•  Raise Low Blood Sugar Fast
•  Easy to Open
•  Easy to Carry
•  If you need a quick energy boost

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Refueling your body with its main energy source, glucose, is the only way to perform at your highest level. People with diabetes, paramedics and top performing athletes rely on TRANSCEND 15g Glucose Gels to power through the lulls and Rise Above the situation. Glucose works faster than candy, soda, juice and even other sports gels to precisely correct low blood sugar. Pure glucose. Pure energy. Exactly what you need. When your body demands it. Refuel your body with the carbs you need and the orange flavor you love. Off-the-charts in yum, the sweet, succulent oranges picked at plump perfection provide a delicious experience and the premium fuel needed for blood sugar management and lasting energy. Every phase of your life has it's own unique challenges. Answer them with Transcend. Whether you're a Diabetic or an athlete looking for an energy boost, nothing beats Orange-flavored Transcend 15g Glucose Gel packages. Choose your own personal size of 12, 20, 30 or 36 pouches of the bestest, freshest, American-made Glucose Gels on the market today!

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