Glo Skin Beauty Sheer Tint Base - Honey, 40ml

Glo Skin Beauty Sheer Tint Base - Honey, 40ml

Benostan Sensolite Cream

Benostan Sensolite Cream

Glo Skin Beauty Sheer Tint Base - Illuminator, 40ml

أساس جلو سكين بيوتي شير تينت - إيلومينيتور ، 40 مل

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• Glo Skin Beauty Sheer Tint Base - Illuminator
• Sheer base tint that was created to illuminate your skin perfectly
• The base can be applied to all areas of the face to enhance your features
• This product is ideal for all skin types

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It’s made from ingredients that are typically gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. The illuminator may be especially perfect for dry, mature skin, but it also complements skin that is blemished and oily. This is generally a great product for anyone who needs a quick and easy boost to the complexion. This product offers a variety of benefits – It works to combat the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It contains titanium dioxide, which serves to protect the skin from environmental factors such as the sun. The light reflectors in this base add dimension to your facial features. Natural ingredients help to renew the balance in your skin, and they continue to work even after you remove the product. The formula is non-comedogenic, so it doesn’t clog your pores, and it doesn’t expose your skin to irritating allergens.

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