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Eureka Kids Ma Scribbler Jung

Eureka Kids Caleidoscopio Rabbit - Lion Display

يوريكا كيدز كاليدوسكوبيو أرنب - شاشة أسد

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• Caleidoscopio Rabbit - Lion Display
• Kaleidoscope with a fun design of a lion on the run
• The word kaleidoscope is formed by three Greek words
• KALOS, which means beautiful, beautiful
• EIDOS, which means image
• SCOPEO, which means observing
• Dimensions: 15cm x 10cm x 2cm
• Age: From 3 years old

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Therefore, the word means "observe a beautiful picture." It really is an object highly valued by all that always delights small and not so small.With this kaleidoscope, children learn about optical distortion and the way in which thanks to the lens set, optical effects are created. Age: From 3 years old.

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