IOGEAR Bluetooth with NFC Audio Receiver

IOGEAR Bluetooth with NFC Audio Receiver

Sanford Electric Kettle 1.8LTR 1800W

Sanford Electric Kettle 1.8LTR 1800W

Bluetooth Adapter Iogaer Long

محول بلوتوث Iogaer طويل

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- Bluetooth specification 2.0 compliant to reduce interference with Wi-Fi devices 
- Faster data transfer rates - up to 2.1Mbps 
- USB specification 1.1 compliant 
- Allows any computer with USB connections to become a Bluetooth-enabled computer 
- Wirelessly communicate with Bluetooth-enabled computers, printers, smartphones, headsets and more 
- Supports the following services: Serial Port, Network Access, Dial-Up Networking, headset, AV, File Transfer, Audio Gateway, HID 
- Enables wireless Personal Area Network (PAN) connectivity 
- Up to 330 feet (100 meters) wireless working distance, when paired with Class 1 Bluetooth devices 
- Also compatible with Bluetooth Class 1 and 3 devices 
- Easy, fast, and intuitive installation and setup 
- Built-in security to assure the privacy of your communication-pairing, encryption, and authentication 

- Mac and PC compatible

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- Bluetooth 2.0+EDR Class 1 USB Wireless Adapter from IOGEAR is a USB expansion dongle that adds Bluetooth 2.0+EDR functionality to your computer. 
- Bluetooth allows your computer to communicate with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as cell phones, PDAs, printers, headphones, and many other products. 
- Supported by EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) technology deliver faster wireless data transfer speed, improved bandwidth and draw less power than ever before. 
- Wirelessly transfer photos from the Bluetooth camera phone to the computer. 
- Use the Bluetooth headset to make wireless Internet calls such as Skype, MSN messenger, etc. 
- Also be able to wirelessly connect up to seven Bluetooth devices together and transfer even the largest files quickly and easily due to greater bandwidth. 
- Lower power consumption means longer battery life on your notebook computer. 
- This Bluetooth Class 1 adapter is compatible with both Mac and PC computers and offers a wireless range of 330 feet (100 meters). It is easy to install and use, and very portable. It's great for both home and mobile networking needs. 

- Package Contents; 
1 x Enhanced Data Rate Wireless USB Adapter 
1 x USB extension cable 
1 x Installation CD 
1 x Installation Guide 
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