Scorpion Warrior XL- XL المحارب

Scorpion Warrior XL- XL المحارب

Renaissance Prince 2XL-  2XL أمير عصر النهضة

Renaissance Prince 2XL- 2XL أمير عصر النهضة

Midnight Count 2XL- 2XL نبيل منتصف الليل

Seller : Party Store Qatar

• For Ages 14 Years and Up
Costume includes:
• Cape
• Vest
• Attached shirt
• Ascot
• Bat broach
• Gloves

للأعمار 14 سنة وما فوق
زي يشمل:
• الرأس
• سترة
• القميص المرفق
• أسكوت
• بروش الخفافيش
• القفازات

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A vampire should aspire to dress in the height of gothic fashions, and, thanks to the Mens Midnight Count Costume, that has never been easier. Count Dracula himself would be jealous of this classic look. Vampire style at its finest, this costume features elements of dark Victorian decadence that any man can appreciate. The costume consists of an ornate red and black vest with attached gray shirt sleeves, a pressed burgundy neck tie with a bat brooch, gloves, and a cape. The formal black cape sets apart the look with a high collar and a chain neck closure. The design is straightforward and understated, which gives it a classic look that works wonders in a variety of situations.

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