Glo Skin Beauty Bronze

Glo Skin Beauty Bronze - Sunlight, 9.9g

Glo Skin Beauty Eye Make Up Remover, 118ml

Glo Skin Beauty Eye Make Up Remover, 118ml

Glo Skin Beauty Bronze - Sunkiss, 9.9g

جلو سكين بيوتي برونز - صن كيس ، 9.9 جم

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• Glo Skin Beauty Bronze Sunkiss
• Color and contour to the face and body for a no-consequence sunkissed glow
• Seamless color enhancement with a hint of shimmer
• Pressed mineral powder infused with antioxidants adds color

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The Glo Skin Beauty bronze is a completely safe way to get a sun kissed look without the damaging effects of getting a tanned look from the sun. A Glo Skin Beauty bronzer is for use on the face, neck and body. A light application of mineral bronzer on the face produces color and contrast. A heavier application on the face, neck and body creates a sun tanned look. GloMinerals bronze is designed to enhance an existing tan or create a tanned look without sun exposure. Glo Skin Beauty bronzer is made of pressed minerals, which form a powder that contains nourishing green tea and vitamin C. Green tea in the mineral bronzer helps reduce bacteria on the face and body, while vitamin C brightens the skin and tightens the texture of skin. Just a hint of shimmer in Glo Skin Beauty bronze gives a glowing look as if the wearer just spent time in the sun. Powder puff applicator and mirror are included in the product for easy application anywhere.

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