CJ-Mat Kimchi -150g

CJ-Mat Kimchi -150g

CJ-Mat Kimchi -450g

CJ-Mat Kimchi -450g

CJ-Mat Kimchi -500g

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QAR 25.00

• Mat Kimchi
• Capacity: 500 G
• It uses high-quality red pepper powder to capture the delicious color of kimchi
• 100% natural sun salt gives crisp texture
• Please store in the fridge and do not freeze
فجل كيمتشي

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Bibigo Kimchi is made with a good ingredient that respects the taste of nature and reproduces delicious and healthy kimchi. This traditional Korean kimchi is prepared by carefully selecting high-quality materials from Korean mainland. 100% natural salt makes crispy texture and natural chili sauce with natural chili sauce.

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