Eureka Kids Smart Trike Tots

Eureka Kids Smart Trike Tots

Eureka Kids Tricycle Shine Blue-Red

يوريكا دراجة ثلاثية العجلات للأطفال تلمع باللون الأزرق والأحمر

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• Toys on wheels /Smart trike
• Easy handling and smooth driving
• Bar with adjustable handle in 2 heights
• Bucket for toys or accessories
• Removable footrest
• Made with quality materials
• Age: From 10 months

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Shine Blue-red is a comfortable and robust evolutionary tricycle for babies from 10 months to 3 years old. Its characteristics and accessories change as the child grows to adapt to their needs.
The tricycle comprises 4 different stages:
1- From 10 to 18 months: Includes a bow around the child or girl with whom they feel safe and protected. It has a 3-point harness for safety, parasol, bag to store toys and other equipment and a small bag on the handle of the parents so they can deposit the keys, mobile, etc. In addition, it also includes a matching mat that covers the entire backrest so that the little ones travel more comfortably and a footrest.
2- From 18 to 24 months: You can remove the parasol and the mattress although we maintain the arch, the footrest and the parental control handle.
3- From 24 to 30 months: They begin to understand how the tricycle works and reach the pedals. The footrest and the protective arch are removed.
4- From 30 to 36 months: We remove the handle of the parents and it is the children who exercise control of the vehicle and have a great time going from one place to another.
• Mattress with harness and chest protector for greater comfort of the child
• Front wheel with free sprocket option to prevent the pedals from turning when not in use
• Removable plastic harness for the first age that prevents falls and allows the baby to lean better
• Dimensions: 70.5cm (Height) x 41cm (Width) x 67cm (Length), with handle + 15cm

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