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Camping Toilet Chair Portable

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• Designed For Comfort
• Easy & Simple To Use
• Reliable & Sturdy Commode
• Great For Emergencies
• Easy To Store & Highly Portable Toilet For Camping

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Our Solution for Your Travel Toilet Needs.

• Go in comfort. This no-squat camp toilet commode chair for adults is built at just the right height for you.
• The molded plastic toilet seat is molded and shaped in a way to help you relax.
• There is no reason to suffer just because you are traveling away from home!

Go When You Gotta Go!

• At only 2 kilograms, this camping bathroom chair is lightweight enough to take with you wherever you may be traveling.
• Also, this mobile outdoor toilet is easy to fold and store in your car.
• This potty chair is ideal for hikers or campers as well as men, women and children on long road trips.
• This camper toilet chair is perfect for fishing trips, construction sites, sitz baths, yoni steaming herbs, composting toilets, hunting and outdoor living off the grid.
• We also recommend buying a portable shower tent or a privacy tent as well as camping toilet paper for your trip.
• Can function as a medical bedside commode for elderly seniors or even as a shower chair.

Rugged and Smart Design.

• These plastic portable potty chairs have rubber non-slip leg tips for your safety.
• The folding potty seat's hinges and legs are of sturdy and made of durable stainless steel metal. They are built to withstand the weight of a sitting 250-pound adult or small children.
• Wide base ensures that the folding chair doesn't wobble or tip.

Clean and Hygienic Toilet Commode.

• Use a small bucket or dig a hole in the ground to hide the waste.
• You may also just pull a large plastic trash bag over the folding portable potty seat.
• This camping loo easy to clean and wipe down.
• Toilet chair won't be harmed by disinfectant chemicals or wipes.



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