Chlorhexil 0.12 % Toothpaste-long Use

Chlorhexil 0.12 % Toothpaste-long Use

Babyderm First Toothpaste

Babyderm First Toothpaste

Calmodent Gel

• Quick relief of teeth that are sensitive to heat or cold
• Prevention of tooth decay
• Suitable for homeopathy
• Capacity: 75ml

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Unique combination of hydroxapatite with stannus fluoride and aminofluoride compounds.Indications:- Eliminate cervical hypersensitivity in hot and cold,Re-metallization of the beginning of caries,Restoration of enamel erosions 1450 ppm F- + 20% microstructural hydroxyapatite + Stannus Fluoride. Apply the desired amount either directly onto the teeth or into a special splint that then applies to the teeth.In the case of direct application, the gel remains in contact with the teeth for 4 to 10 minutes, while using the stent for 45-60 minutes. During treatment, do not swallow the gel, and after the end of the application, the gel should be completely removed from the dental surfaces.The frequency of use is determined by the clinical picture of the patient and at the discretion of the dentist. Packaging: 75 ml

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