1. The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Kids of All Ages | Purplebox Qatar

    Kids are always excited about the summer vacation as it is all about camping, beach trip, indoor games, and fun activities with friends. But, if you want your kids to spend some time with books, don't worry. You can make reading enjoyable for your kiddos. Wondering how? You can buy the right books from an online book store in Qatar to help your kid have a love affair with the books. So, here we have compiled a summer reading list for perfect summer reading enjoyment.

    Aisha(RA) was the wife of Prophet Muhammad (

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  2. 8 Genuine Health and Wellness Products You Can Buy Online in | Qatar Purplebox

    You might have seen influencers on social media using the latest health and wellness products. Some products are fascinating but useless, while some look like must-need products. Well, having useful healthcare products at home can make your life easier and help you get what you want. But ensure that you buy only top-quality products from a reliable online store in Qatar because you can’t compromise your health at any cost. Here is a list of selected healthcare and wellness products by Medel that you can order from

    • Medel Sweet Nebulizer

    Medel nebulizer with an innovative and compact design, is ideal for domestic use. It comes with a complete kit of accessories. The easy-to-use Medel sweet is an aerosol t

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  3. 6 Cool Appliances to Make Your Home Summer Ready | Purplebox Qatar

    Summer is here. It is a season when most people prefer to stay home rather than walk down the street or enjoy outdoor activities. Though you can relax and enjoy ice creams and cold beverages at home, most people feel lethargic, unproductive, and uncomfortable during the sweltering heat of summer. However, you can shop for a few appliances from online shopping sites in Qatar to make the stay-at-home experience enjoyable and relaxing for you and your family. 

    Since we live in the Middle East, heat is part of our life. But, it gets really uncomfortable during the summer. So, finding out various ways to survive the scorching temperature of Qatar is always a good idea. To help you out, here we have listed a few cool appliances that you must buy this

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  4. Top 5 Trending Kitchen Appliances You Must Have in Your Kitchen in 2022 | Purplebox Qatar

    The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a comfortable space where you prepare delicious meals with love and spend a lot of time together. But, sometimes, cooking seems like a time-consuming and tiring household chore. However, having kitchen appliances can make cooking fun by reducing cooking stress and time duration. Therefore, a kitchen must have the right appliances to function properly. So, when shopping for household products in Qatar, you should not ignore kitchen appliances. Here’s what Purplebox has in store for your kitchen.

    1. Oven

    Whether y

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  5. How Purplebox Qatar’s Mobile App Improves the Shopping Experience of the Customers?

    If given two options - going out to the store, choosing a product, standing in queues for billing, and carrying the goods back home, or sitting comfortably at home and ordering goods online from a smartphone, what would you pick? Well, most people prefer shopping online as it is a convenient option. 

    Several shopping apps are flooding the marketplace, and they are expected to take over the market as people love scrolling the products on their mobile phones and shopping online. So, when looking for Qatar’s finest online shopping hub, the Purplebox app is a reliable name. It has been d

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  6. Five Skin Care Products to Get This Summer in 2022 - Purplebox Qatar

    Too much sunlight is harsh on the skin. By nature's grace, you can expect the mercury to hit somewhere around 45 degrees celsius during summer in Qatar. Science says when your skin is exposed to the sunlight, the body defends itself against UV rays resulting in skin tans or dark skin. Thus, your skin needs a little extra care during summer. Have a look at the five skincare products that you need to protect your skin in the summer and can buy from Qatar’s finest online shopping hub, Purplebox Qatar.



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  7. Why Should You Give Cycling and Skating a Try in 2022?

    Several scientific studies have proven a clear positive relationship between cycling and cardiorespiratory fitness among youth. 16 cycling-specific studies published in the National Library of Medicine clearly showed that cycling is good for your overall health. The same goes for rolling skating too.

    According to the Rolling Skating Association International, skating works every muscle in your body and can burn anywhere from 350 to 600 calories per hour. This was one aspect, but in reality, both cycling and rolling skating are fun.  


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  8. Why is the Dead Sea Known as Natural Spa? Amazing Skin Benefits of Organic Cosmetics!

    Have you heard or seen your favorite beauty influencer promoting natural cosmetic products on Instagram? If you are a skincare and beauty enthusiast, you must have come across the term ‘organic cosmetics,’ a popular beauty trend worldwide. You can also buy organic cosmetics and beauty products online in Qatar to enhance your skincare routine. Due to the plethora of benefits organic cosmetics offer, let’s dive deep to know more about its origins and experience.

    What are Organic Cosmetics and are they safe to use?

    Organic cosmetics contain 95% natural ingredients, and don’t include elements of petroleum origin, paraffin, formaldehyde, or synthetic dyes. The ingredients used in organic cosmetics are organically formed

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  9. The Ultimate Guide to Travel Accessories for Every Trip

    Travel accessories are a set of those things that help you make your trip convenient. Here in this guide, we will look at the top accessories that will help you throughout your trip. As a traveler, it is intimidating to spend 16-17 hours on a flight straight without getting bored. With the help of the right travel gadgets and accessories, you will be able to have a comfortable trip. Plus, you need not worry about getting these accessories. You can get them from online shopping sites in Qatar.

    Now you must be wondering what the things that you need to consider while buying travel accessories are. Let us look at the same.

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  10. Looking for the Best Ways to Improve the Look of Your Home? Here Are a Few Solutions

    Having a top-notch look for your home can be quite a challenging task, especially if you have a fixed budget to do the same. However, there are a couple of ways to improve the look of your home in affordable ways. You can rely on Qatar's finest online shopping hub and get the best help to get the finest products.

    Most of us are fond of designs and love working on elements of decorating our homes. So, here is a list of a couple of things that you can opt to enhance your homes.

    Top-Notch Ways to Improve the Look of Your Home

    1. Pillows- Comfort and elegance

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