1. Guide to Ramadan Gift Ideas for Everyone in 2021

    Ramadan is the blessed month of fasting and abstinence, which is feted in all Muslim countries worldwide. It’s a holy month of serenity, prayers, and blessings-all Muslims long for Ramadan throughout the year with the best of intentions. There is an esteemed significance of Ramadan as it is not only about keeping fasts; it also teaches us the essence of attending to the needs of fellow beings and spreading exuberance all around.

    The idea of exchanging gifts is ubiquitous during this month; the intention behind it is the happiness and welfare of others. While the markets offer gift options in abundance during Ramadan, it might still baffle people with what to gift their dearest ones so that they can have the

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  2. Noteworthy Factors to Consider While Buying Home Appliances Online

    Everyone seeks supreme quality, ultra-modern, and cost-effective home appliances, especially when opting for online shopping. When shopping, it becomes imperative to invest in quality products that can prove long-lasting and fruitful at the same time.

    Online shopping renders infinite benefits to the shoppers; still, there are many downsides that need to be tackled to get an uncompromising experience of shopping

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  3. Five Gift Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 by Purplebox Qatar

    The day of being thankful to your mom is just around the corner! Qatar celebrates this day on the 21st of March. So, are ready you with your gift? If not, there isn’t much time left to figure out. We are glad to present you with a list of gift ideas that may suit your mother at her special day.

    Whether you mother is a fan of fresh flowers, good fragrance, a coffee lover, or a relaxed person, below are few ideas that will cater to every mother needs and wants:

    1. S

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  4. Tackle COVID-19 Cautiously with these Essential Products from Purplebox Qatar

    The coronavirus has made the year 2020 the most dreadful year of the 21st century! It has completely altered the way we look at our lives, affecting every arrangement that worked in our favor earlier. While working for our livelihood is crucial, it is also essential to be cautious when stepping out of the house. If you think having a hand sanitizer and disinfectant would suffice, then you are wrong! As the second wave and a new coronavirus strain have come, you need to be equipped with more products.

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  5. How to Dress Well: Essential Style Tips for Men

    With latest fashion trends for women sprouting up each day, men’s fashion is more often than not put on the back burner. No-one actually appreciates the fact that all men need to do is buy fashion items at discounted prices to look irresistible in an instant. A plain t-shirt and denim jeans can make them look strikingly attractive. For all those who say, “I’m just not normally stylish”, you are in for a ride with our fashion tips.

    1. Go All Dapper With Black Polo T-Shirt

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  6. Five Retail Trends Every Marketer Should Know for the Year Ahead

    The pandemic has hit the world profoundly. Though recovery seemed impossible, industries have done their best to recuperate.

    Survival of the fittest is aptly relevant in this scenario, be it for businesses or retail industries. So, it is imperative for marketers to follow the top retail trends to survive in a very volatile industry with unforeseen predictions.

    If you want unprecedented growth for your business, this blog will help enlighten you about the retail trends to follow in 2021.

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  7. Impress Your Valentine with Amazing Gift Options Available At Purplebox Qatar

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner and lovers' excitement and exuberance is on the ninth cloud. Everybody tries their best to please and mesmerize their partners by expressing their affection and feelings, while others amaze their partners by showering them with gifts.

    If you are looking for a gift, check a site like Purplebox Qatar

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  8. Top Trending Products on Online Shopping Platforms in 2021

    Cheap and convenient online shopping is quickly re-shaping the dynamics of the retail world. Further fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to stay at home, e-commerce adds billions of dollars to the world's economies. People have benefitted from online shopping with the best deals.

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  9. Growth of E-Commerce in Qatar

    According to 2020 statistics, the number of companies operating in the e-commerce sector in Qatar jumped from a level of 350 companies at the end of last June to a level of 416 companies, according to recent data, which means the establishment of 66 new e-commerce companies in 6 months, which reflects the record growth of e-commerce companies in Qatar. With the timely and effective implementation of programs by government agencies’ like support for financial technology companies (Fintech), development in digital payments, credit cards, and the launch of electronic wallets all contributed to the growth of the e-Commerce industry in Qatar.

    According t

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  10. Top Tips to Save Money on Electronic Devices and Gadgets in Qatar

    Electronic gadgets have become basic needs! From a laptop to a smartphone to a PS4 to a Homepod, every electronic gadget has become part-and-parcel of our lives that we can’t live without. While it is essential to buy these gadgets, they can be hefty on our budget. Sobest deals on iPads and accessories in Qatar, when people shop for electronic 

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