1. Top Tips to Save Money on Electronic Devices and Gadgets in Qatar

    Electronic gadgets have become basic needs! From a laptop to a smartphone to a PS4 to a Homepod, every electronic gadget has become part-and-parcel of our lives that we can’t live without. While it is essential to buy these gadgets, they can be hefty on our budget. Sobest deals on iPads and accessories in Qatar, when people shop for electronic 

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  2. A Few Predictions that will Affect the Post-COVID-19 Marketplace in 2021

    The terror of the COVID-19 outbreak is not seemingly coming to an end! Its projection has made countries move toward a post-COVID-19 state, where it is still not safe to roam around carelessly.

    While shopping at stores is still not recommended, we can only hope that this pandemic's darkness won't follow us into next year, 2021, and we can enjoy  shopping

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  3. Why New Generation Qataris Prefer Online Shopping Over Brick-Mortar Stores?

    The online marketplace is the well-established reality in Qatar now. Thanks to the 99% internet penetration rate in Qatar that makes digital transformation possible. Almost every Qatari has access to the internet, and the very definition of e-commerce is the purchase and sale of goods and services over the internet. Thus, it is no brainer why ecommerce thrived in Qatar.

    Well, this was the basic cause why ecommerce platforms are able to grow, but there are many other reasons that make the new generation of Qataris welcome online shopping by both hands.

    Today, we will have a quick look at those reasons why people, not only in Qatar but all across the globe, prefer online shopping

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