PVC Gloves Powder Free ,1 Box / 50 pairs

PVC Gloves Powder Free ,1 Box / 50 pairs

Beaver Sanitizer, 75ml

Beaver Sanitizer, 75ml

Beaver Sanitizer, 500ml

Seller : PHARMACY & MORE Qatar

• Beaver Sanitizer
• Size: 500ml
• Anit-bacterial cleansing hand gel no water
• 75% Alcohol
• Kills 99.9% germs & bacteria
جل معقم من الفيروسات والجراثيم
بيفر معقم لليدين سعة ٥٠٠ مل

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This hand sanitizer contains 75% alcohol, and it can prevent the transfer of dirty things and clean the skin. The kill rate exceeds 99.99%. This hand sanitizer is the perfect solution for hand hygiene in homes, offices, medical places or travel.

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