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B. Parachute Woo-Hue

Seller : BAIT AL MAARIFA Qatar

• Colorful parachute
• It contains 15 colored balls that will rise, fall and bounce like crazy
• Twelve handles for 6 to 12 players
• Enjoy a great time outdoors with your friends or family
• It includes a small guide of possible games or ideas to have fun
• From 3 years. Measures: 2.44 m in diameter

98.40 QAR
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The color parachute is perfect for making endless outdoor games. Take advantage of the summer to play! Join your friends and share with them your own parachute and its 15 balls. The sets of parachutes provide maximum participation by all group members, and co-operation among children. Launches the 15 brightly colored balls in the parachute and try to avoid falling. It is supplied with a practical reusable carrying bag to bring it to its next party or beach day. It includes fun ideas and instructions for backyard games and activities.
• Eight-foot color-wheel parachute made sturdy for endless outdoor games
• Twelve woven handles make room for six to twelve kids
• Toss the 15 brightly colored balls into the parachute and try your best to keep them from falling out
• Comes with a handy reusable carrying pouch for taking it to your next block party or beach day

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