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Artisanal Natural Soap Green Tea

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Artisanal Natural Soap Musk

Artisanal Natural Soap Lavender

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•  Rich lather and a wonderful scent Soulflower
•  Fights skin problems lavender contains great value in helping the skin
•  Suitable for all types of skin problems
•  A safe soap for your skin Soulflower skin lavender soap is 100% pure

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Relax your senses with Soulflower skin lavender soap perfect for all skin types. The floral aroma of lavender gives a sense of relaxation and calm. Ingredients lavender flower and essential oil soothes skin, exfoliates and revitalizes dull flaky skin. Olive oil hydrates and softens skin castor oil moisturizes dry skin. Coconut oil's properties protect skin, restore damaged skin making it soft and supple. Palm oil and palm kernel oil have properties it also moisturizes skin and helps regain its softness. Stearic acid and vitamin e deep cleanse skin, give radiance and help your skin look younger. Directions for usage. Cut the Soulflower skin lavender soap into two pieces, store unused piece in a cool dry place. Use every day to get moisturized, hydrated and soft skin.

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