Awards Night Door Curtain

Awards Night Door Curtain

Star Cascade Centerpiece

Star Cascade Centerpiece

Movie Set Clapboard Cascade Centerpiece

فيلم Set Clapboard Cascade Centerpiece

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• Measures 18 inches tall
• Made of metallic plastic cascading strands with metallic plastic stars
• Cardstock paper Clapboard icons
• Plastic base included to keep it standing up on a flat surface
• Use to decorate for an awards night party!

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Movie Set Clapboard cascade centerpiece. The package contains 1 centerpiece. It is made of metallic cascading strands and metallic stars with boardstock paper Clapboard icons. The centerpiece measures 18 inches tall. A plastic base is included to keep it standing up on a flat surface. Put on a table to decorate for an Awards night party!

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