Purplebox Qatar

Purplebox.qa is Qatar‘s best online shopping store. We provide free delivery to anywhere in Doha.

Studies have indicated that Qatar is the seventh largest B2C e-commerce market in the MENA region, with a current market size of $1 Billion and likely to reach $4 Billion by 2020.

This represents a huge potential for e-commerce growth in Qatar, particularly if we factored in  the high level of internet penetration (97%), the highest GDP per capita in the world and the young demographic who represent 60% of the total population.

To tap into this highly potential market, we decided to build an online marketplace “Purplebox Qatar” to cater for the different needs of merchants and shoppers in Qatar.

Purplebox Qatar started in 2016 after conducting a feasibility study about the local market and based on key findings and continuous analysis of feedback from buyers and sellers. Hopefully, this meticulous approach can eventually help us optimize Qatar’s e-commerce landscape.

Purplebox Qatar is established by passionate founders who have immersed in “all things e-commerce”. And have placed customer experience as the compass to lead and guide the development of Purplebox as a marketplace.

Today, PurpleBox.qa is led by a team of experienced professionals from multidisciplinary fields of ICT, marketing and management, and who have contributed significantly to the development of the industry and the internet ecosystem in Qatar over the past 10 years.

The color purple is associated with luxury and devotion, and it embodies Purplebox brand’s promise for quality of service.

PurpleBox.qa website and mobile apps have been designed according to the best practices, to simplify the shopping experience for buyers and merchants. We strongly believe that an attractive, easy-to-use marketplace will attract merchants in Qatar - to join Purplebox to sell their products.

Customer trust is critical for the success of any online platform, hence we have taken the necessary measures to let buyers track their orders throughout the purchasing process and ensure their items are delivered safely within a range of 24 hours.

Purplebox Qatar is designed to raise the standard of customer experience and pave the way for frictionless online shopping.

Enjoy shopping with us!


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